Danza de los Muertos
A young boy’s grandmother visits him from beyond the grave but he is too scared to dance with her.

Danza is my undergraduate film completed at Savannah College of Art and Design. It was my life for a good year or so and still holds a place in my heart. Of course, I’d like to thank my wonderful and hard working crew for helping this happen! As well as my supporters; friends, mentors and family a like. You guys rock! And…. 

I’m super proud to say the film has gotten into a few film festivals!


Portland Film Festival -Portland, OR (2 screenings: August 30th and 31st)

Urban Mediamakers Film Festival - Norcross, GA (October 11th @ 7:00 PM)

Sunscreen Film Festival - Manhattan Beach, CA (October12th @ 11:00 AM)

SoDak Animation Festival - Brookings, SD (October 17th- 19th)

Savannah Film Festival - Savannah, GA (October 26th- November 2nd TBA)

There’s nothing quite like seeing it on the big screen. Check it out in theaters if you can. Also….

Currently, plans are to release the film on Vimeo THE MONDAY BEFORE DIA DE LOS MUERTOS - OCTOBER 28th, I believe.

I’m excited! Keep a look out!

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